In the past years, the printing industry has come across some prominent participants, and one such brand is Canon. Have you ever come across the Canon printer offline issue? Clearly, you'll lose your calmness, directly affecting your work.

Nothing is perfect, whether a human or an electronic device. Everyone and the Canon printer make mistakes when it begins to show offline. Don't frighten yourself; this write-up will back you up by explaining some quick fixes for the Canon MAXIFY MB5420 printer offline error in the Windows 10 system.

Fix 1: Change Printer Settings

Finding an answer for a Canon printer offline is relatively easy. You need to follow these steps to clarify the Canon printer is offline.

  • First, open the Start menu and search for the Control Panel.
  • After landing on the page, tap the Devices and Printer, then tick the Printers option.
  • Now, choose your printer from the non-queue, right-click, and tap the See what's printing.
  • Next, remove the unfinished printing jobs and tick the Printer option.
  • Following this, click the Use Printer Offline and turn it off as your choice.
  • If the printer isn't connected properly, unplug the USB cable and plug it in again.
  • Further, if you have a network printer, run a test to check the connection (also try to restart your router).
  • Next, switch off your Canon MAXIFY MB5420 printer and again switch it on.
  • Lastly, if the printer offline didn't get the solution, then reinstall your printer driver.

We hope that these steps will settle with the Canon printer appearing offline. Further, you can connect with our experts at any time from the support tab on our website.

Fix 2: Restart Spooler Service

Further, if you still receive a Canon printer offline message, you can directly find an answer to this issue by restarting the spooler service. To execute the method, study the steps given below:

  1. Begin the process by selecting Windows + R on your keyword, and the Run dialog box will open.
  2. Now, you need to type services.msc inside the box and tap the OK box.
  • Next, open the Properties windows and start searching for Printer Spooler.
  • After locating the option, ensure that the spooler is in running mode.
  • Further, if it isn't running, right-click and press the Start option.
  • Following this, start your printer spooler by ticking the Restart box.
  • Finally, close the Properties section and cross-check that your printer is in online mode.

If your Canon printer is offline even after adopting these steps, then take the help of the following method.

Fix 3: Change Printer Properties

The users can also deactivate the Canon printer appears offline messages by modifying their printer properties. It is one of the easiest methods even a fresher or expert can complete. For that, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Initiate the process by going to the Control Panel and pressing the Devices and Printers option.
  • Now, choose your printer from the list and right-click, then select Printer Properties from the menu box.
  • Next, open the Ports tab and choose your printer IP address from the list on your screen.
  • Afterward, choose the Configure Port option on the pop-up window's right side.

Due to any reasons, if you aren't able to deal with the Canon MAXIFY MB5420 printer offline error, then book a free consultation with us. Printer experts will share the complete details about the process. To contact them, you have to visit the Support of our website,

Fix 4: Check Wi-Fi or Cable Connection

Further included in the post, the issue must be Wi-Fi if you've connected your PC to a Canon MAXIFY MB5420 printer via wireless. Besides, some printing devices should be on the same Wi-Fi network. If your router has multiple networks, try logging in to the other network. Besides, if you've chosen a USB or Ethernet cable, it could have been unplugged. Further, you can permanently eliminate this offline error by peaking at both devices' backsides.

Fix 5: Update Your Windows System

Following this, if you are still receiving the Canon printer offline error, fix it by updating the system. You can manually check it by following the below steps:

  • Kick off the process by pressing Windows + R simultaneously to go to Settings.
  • Now, tick the Updates & Security > Check for updates box.
  • Following the above steps, if there are any updates, the system will immediately commence it.
  • At last, after the installation process comes to an end, check whether your Canon MAXIFY MB5420 printer has come back online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does Canon Printer Show Offline When Connected to Wi-Fi?

Answer: If your Canon printer is connected to a wireless network but still showing offline, it might happen due to network communication issues. First, you must ensure the Wi-Fi signal is strong and stable. After that, restart both devices to refresh the communication. In addition, cross-check there shouldn't be any firewall or malware attack blocking the communication.

How to Fix Canon Printer Going Offline on Mac?

Answer: Pursue the following steps to settle your Canon printer offline on Mac OS:

  1. Tick the System Preferences appearing under the Apple menu bar.
  2. Now, tick the Printer and Scanners > Reset Printing System and enter the details.
  3. Afterward, tick the OK button and wait till the printer list gets visible.
  4. Next, add the printer to the list by pressing the symbol.
  5. At last, your respective printer will come from offline to online status.

How Can I Prevent Canon Printer from Going Offline in the Future?

Answer: To decrease the risk of the Canon printer facing an offline error in the future, you need to take specific actions. Have a look at the measures below:

  1. First, you must update your Canon printer driver regularly and ensure it is compatible with your operating system.
  2. Next, maintain a stable connection and save the Wi-Fi network from cyber threats.

Source : How to Resolve Canon MAXIFY MB5420